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Isfjord – 08th June 2019

It is unbelievable how time flies – not the trip was short, actually! But the days were full and exciting. Today, we are back in Isfjord, and now the sun comes finally out behind the clouds. We have deserved that, we have not seen much from the sun recently.

Everybody is excited, and there is a great motivation to see more wildlife. Not that we haven’t seen any so far, but still. So we move on with Antigua, cruising various bays. And the guys are there. Walruses in Borebukta. And there is even a polar bear near Sveabreen. The bear is having breakfast with a seal. Well, in a way. Being the seal would be rather unfortunate.

It is a wonderful afternoon to round a great trip off. We enjoy the whole scenery with a lot of time, silence and peace. There is a lot of ice around us, drifting bits and pieces of glacier ice, fast ice towards the glacier, and the mountains are still largely snow-covered. Finally we step into the Zodiacs once again to enjoy the ice.

Gallery – Isfjord – 08th June 2019

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Then it is time to set course for Longyearbyen.

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