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Trygghamna-Poolepynten – 05 August 2019

The sun wakes us up after a calm night at anchor. We are surrounded by glaciers and high, rugged mountains. One of the mountains is less high and rugged than the other ones. Knuvlen, as it is called, is actually just 330 metres high. A piece of cake, as one might think. Nevertheless, the rocky terrain makes the ascent quite hard. But the view is a great reward!

Back on board, some of us jump into the sea to cool down after the hike. The sun is warm and high on the sky, and we enjoy lunch outside on deck.

Later, we have reached a walrus colony on Prins Karls Forland. Talk about right place and right time: some fog banks have shrouded the area with grey and mist. But the curtain goes up just as we drop the anchor. And to make things even better, the walrus are in great shape. A welcome comittee of three of these mighty seals comes curiously swimming very close towards us as we are standing silently on the beach. It is an amazing experience to be so close to these huge creatures! There is another group hauled out on the beach, not a large group, but quite active and beautifully placed in the evening sun, with a glacier in the background.

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Skipper Peter has dinner ready as we get back on board. What a day, what a life!

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