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Rødefjord – 2nd September 2019

Well, last night’s anchorage in innermost Fønfjord was not exactly great. The sea bottom was sloping steeply to great depth near the shore. No surprise the anchor was sliding down after a few hours. A typical Greenland phenomenon that finished this night’s sleep for us.

Which turned out to be a good thing. The day started with a beautiful sunrise, which most would have missed otherwise. A stunning start into a golden Greenland late summer day! And we got several hours extra. We had made our first walk on the bright yellow and red tundra in Rødefjord already before breakfast.

The icebergs that are grounded near Røde Ø are world class. Scenery-wise, Greenland is second to nothing.

Gallery – Rødefjord – 2nd September 2019

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We continued northwards in the amazingly scenic Rødefjord with its intense reddish colours on the west side and steep islands like Sorte Ø and Store Ø on the east side. Large icebergs are drifting everywhere in the mirror-calm water, occasionally one rolls over or falls apart. A stunning panorama. We spend hours sitting silently on deck, just enjoying. Speechlessly.

Finally we reach one of few good anchorages in this area in Harefjord. Soon two shorelines are out, so it should be a calm night – unless northern lights would interrupt our sleep, which would be quite ok we enjoy the beautiful evening light on a little hill just above the anchor bay and call it a day.

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