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Corona-quarantine extended

The Sysselmannen has announced that the compulsory quarantine will be extended until May 18 (18.00 hrs). It may be extended beyond this date if necessary.

This means that everybody who travels to Spitsbergen needs to stay in quarantine for 14 days, regardless of how one gets there and where exactly one arrives.

Health and emergency services might soon be in a difficult situation in case of a Covid-19 outbreak in Spitsbergen, so authorities are taking any further steps with great care. Considerations are currently being made for starting to open the school again and for the celebrations of the Norwegian national day on 17th May. This date was one of the reasons to chose the 18th of May as the minimum duration of the current quarantine regulations.

Corona-quarantine, Spitsbergen

Applies to all of Spitsbergen: Corona-quarantine (photo composition).

At the same time plans are being made to return back to a – in a very wide sense – “normal” life again in society and economy. Authorities emphasise that this will be a long process that will require great care and may include setbacks. The importance of hygiene- and social distancing rules are highlighted and the public is requested to abstain from travelling to Spitsbergen unless necessary.

There are, as of now, no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Spitsbergen.

last modification: 2020-04-30 · copyright: Rolf Stange