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Stepwise ease on Corona-quarantine in Spitsbergen UPDATED

Updated 16 May and 17 May

The quarantine regulations for Spitsbergen are about to be phased out for locals and tourists. To start with, the quarantine will be disestablished for locals from today (Friday, 15 May) 1800. This will include private guests and visitors who are coming for professional reasons, including scientists, according to a press release from the Sysselmannen. The regulations in detail as issued by the Sysselmannen can be found here. Private guests are defined as closely related family members by Minister of Justice Monica Mæland.

Corona-quarantine, Spitsbergen

About to be eased: Corona quarantine on Spitsbergen: (photo composition).

Travellers coming for work purposes shall be allowed to come to Svalbard without quarantine from 01 June.

“Leisure visitors” – tourists, in other words – from Scandinavian countries (“Norden”) can come from 15 June without having to stay in quarantine.

It will be considered to open for tourists from other neighbouring European countries from 20 July, as Minister of Justice* Monica Mæland said during a press conference on Friday.

(*in an earlier version of this text, it said “Minister for Economic Affairs”. This was not correct. Monica Mæland is, of course, Minister of Justice and emergency services).

Hygiene and health safety plans which are accepted by authorities will be required for any organized travelling.

The Sysselmannen emphasizes that it will not be a quick and full return back to what it used to be, but a step-wise approach to a new kind of normality. Limiting the total number of tourists in Spitsbergen is in consideration, and it is said that it will still take “some time” before cruises over several days can take place again.

Generally, the Norwegian government does not recommend international holidays until at least middle of August.

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