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Ian R. Stone (1943-2020)

Ian R. Stone, highly esteemed as a friend, colleague and polar historian by this author and many others, left on his final journey on 10 July 2020. Many readers of these lines will remember him as a brilliant historian and gifted lecturer on board small expedition ships in the Arctic and Antarctic, such as the Russian ones used by Oceanwide Expeditions in years now gone past, or in more recent years also on cruise ships in warmer waters, an experience and way of life that he shared with his wife Olga. I enjoyed Ian‘s knowledge and friendship during a number of cruises both in the Arctic and Antarctic. He never hesitated to share his vast knowledge and experience in a warm, friendly, humorous but always professional way with a younger colleage.

Ian R. Stone (1943-2020)

Ian R. Stone (1943-2020), in March 2005 at Base Orcadas on the South Orkney Islands.

Ian was a gentleman academic in a classical way, the kind that they just don’t make anymore these days. His endless knowlege of polar (and other) exploration was always readily available, certainly not just after a quick, secret glimpse at an online resource. At the same time, he was ready to take it up with surf and Zodiacs or with an angry polar bear, if needed.

It has always been good to know that there was someone who would be able to answer any historical question that could be answered, something I have often benefited from also as an author. Ian always supported others with pleasure. I have fond memories from the times that I could share with him.

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