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Expansion of Nordenskiöld Land national park

Nordenskiöld Land Nationalpark includes the southern part of Nordenskiöld Land, in other words the north coast of Bellsund. This national park is now under review and the plan is to make it much larger. The idea is to include almost all of Van Mijenfjord and large parts of Van Keulenfjord. The south side of Van Keulenfjord are already part of the South Spitsbergen national park. The result would hence be that all of Spitsbergen south of Nordenskiöld Land, from Van Mijenfjord to Sørkapp, would have protection status as national park.

Nordenskiöld Land National park: expansion

Blue: the scheduled expansion of Nordenskiöld Land national park.
Map © Sysselmannen på Svalbard.

Public hearing

The process is currently in the stage of public hearing. The public is encouraged to give input to the Sysselmannen.

Restrictions for snow mobiles, new bird sanctuaries

A larger Nordenskiöld Land national park is likely to involve several restrictions for public traffic, including restrictions for motorized traffic (snow mobiles) on the fjord ice of Van Mijenfjorden. This is mainly targetet against snow mobile traffic to Rindersbukta and Akseløya. In addition, 3 new bird sanctuaries are planned in locations that have high concentrations of resting and breeding birds, mainly common eider ducks, barnacle geese and pink-footed geese. The locations currently in question are Mariaholmen (near Akseløya), Eholmen (near Forsbladodden) and Midterhuksletta.

Nordenskiöld Land national park:  bird sanctuary Midterhukssletta

The expansion of the Nordenskiöld Land national park may bring traffic restrictions in several new bird sanctuaries, incuding Midterhuksletta.

Parts of the former settlement of Sveagruva, which is largely being removed these days, are currently not included in the enlarged national park.

last modification: 2021-01-19 · copyright: Rolf Stange