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New regulations for drones

New regulations for drones are in force since 01 January 2021. Drones weighing more than 250 g or that have a camera need to be registered at the Norwegian air traffic authority air traffic authority (Luftfartstilsynset). This includes a web-based course, a test and a fee. Everybody who wants to use a drone in Svalbard (or mainland Norway, for that sake) will need to go through that, unless the drone weighs less than 250 g and does not have a camera.

Drones in Spitsbergen: rules and no flight zone Longyearbyen

No flight zone around Longyearbyen and the most important rules for drones in Svalbard (Sysselmannen. Follow the link to get a high resolution file).

The most important rules are given on the Sysselmannen’s website. These include amongst others:

  • Registration, course and test, see above.
  • General no flight zones within 5 km distance from the airports in Longyearbyen and Sveagruva. This includes almost all of Longyearbyen!
  • General no flight zones within 20 km distance around Ny-Ålesund (radio silence zone to avoid disturbance of sensitive scientific instruments). This includes the whole Kongsfjord.
  • Disturbance of wildlife and humans is generally forbidden. Respect peoples’ privacy (minimum distance from people, buildings, boats etc.: 150 m).
  • Maximum flight altitude above ground: 120 m.
  • The drone must remain within eyesight.
  • Flying in darkness is not allowed.
General no flight zones within 5 km distance

New rules for drones are in force from 01 January 2021.

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