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Trust Arc­ti­cu­gol exclu­ded from Sval­bard Rei­se­livs­råd

The local tou­rism asso­cia­ti­on Sval­bard Rei­se­livs­råd has exclu­ded Trust Arc­ti­cu­gol from its mem­bers. This was deci­ded today (12 Octo­ber) during a board mee­ting.

Trust Arc­ti­cu­gol is a com­pa­ny owned by the Rus­si­an sta­te. The Trust owns and runs Bar­ents­burg and all acti­vi­ties the­re, inclu­ding tou­rism.

Trust Arcticugol

Trust Arc­ti­cu­gol, here in Pyra­mi­den: exclu­ded from Sval­bard Rei­se­livs­råd and Visit Sval­bard.

One con­se­quence is that the offe­rings of Goa­rc­ti­ca, the Trust’s daugh­ter com­pa­ny for tou­rims, are not avail­ab­le any­mo­re on Visit Sval­bard, an important boo­king plat­form for local tour ope­ra­tors.

The rea­son is the Rus­si­an war of aggres­si­on in and against the Ukrai­ne. Chair­man Ron­ny Strøm­nes poin­ted out that it was not pos­si­ble any­mo­re to remain pas­si­ve, con­si­de­ring the Rus­si­an inva­si­on and seve­re vio­la­ti­ons of public inter­na­tio­nal law and human rights. Strøm­nes empha­si­zed that today’s decisi­on is direc­ted against the Rus­si­an government and not against the peop­le in Bar­ents­burg. He expres­sed hope that the future deve­lo­p­ment will make nor­mal rela­ti­ons­hips pos­si­ble again, inclu­ding a rene­wed mem­bers­hip of Trust Arc­ti­cu­gol in Sval­bard Rei­se­livs­råd.

Goa­rc­ti­ca, the Trust’s tou­rism branch, publis­hed a video on social media showing how the lights are being tur­ned off in various loca­ti­ons in Bar­ents­burg.

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