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East Green­land: flights to Scores­by­sund

Sche­du­led flights to Cons­ta­ble Point, the litt­le air­field near the sett­le­ment Itto­q­qor­toor­mi­it (Scores­by­sund) in nort­hern East Green­land, will be more com­pli­ca­ted and expen­si­ve in the future. The Green­lan­dic government has deci­ded to ter­mi­na­te the con­tract for the tri­ang­le flight bet­ween Reykja­vik (Ice­land), Kulus­uk (near Ammas­sa­lik, sou­thern East Green­land) and Cons­ta­ble Point. Ins­tead, the­re will be a flight con­nec­tion bet­ween Cons­ta­ble Point and the west coast of Green­land. Locals expect pro­blems for the local com­mu­ni­ty: more or less easy and afford­a­ble trans­port from Scores­by­sund to Euro­pe has been an important life­li­ne during recent deca­des. Amongst others, a signi­fi­cant drop of num­bers in tou­rism is expec­ted. The num­ber of tou­rists visi­t­ing Itto­q­qor­toor­mi­it is still not lar­ge, but eco­no­mi­c­al­ly important for the com­mu­ni­ty.

This will also impli­ca­te chan­ges to our trips to Scores­by­sund in 2013.

The litt­le air­field of Cons­ta­ble Point, near Itto­q­qor­toor­mi­it (Scores­by­sund).

East Greenland: flights to Scoresbysund, Constable Point

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