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Jan Mayen

Admittedly, a crossing 3.5 days is a new negative record. Three days would have been normal, and even less with a bit of luck.

But for the moment everybody seems to be happy to have solid ground under their feet again. Soon everything is on shore and carried up the black sand beach, tents are put up and sleeping bags rolled out. We have chosen the perfect moment for our landing, as it turns out: as soon as the tents are more or less standing, strong gusts are falling from the lava-black, moss-green, fog-grey mountains, so we hurry up to carry tons of stones and driftwood beams together to secure everything.

Then the wind is calming down again, and after some refreshments everybody is going for some exploration, some first little excursions into this new environment. Actually, Jan Mayen can make a rather inhospitable first impression, with low clouds as today. With Kvalrossen, we have got a nice mountain right next door, with some impressive coastal rock stacks, and this mighty beach Haugenstranda with its endless amounts of driftwood. More than enough stuff to wander and drift around with feet, eyes, thoughts and camera for a while.

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Later, the Norwegian station commander shows up. He also brings their nurse, just in case, probably. Viggo is air force office and surprises us pleasantly with his energetic character. Not too long before he gets a chainsaw out to cut some firewood for us, and he has also brought got some goodies to eat and to drink – a promising start for a very fine neighbourhood!

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