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Kongsfjord II – 22nd July 2015

Ossian Sarsfjellet has got more to offer than a bird cliff and flowers. On the eastern side, it has some impressive glaciers in the direct neighbourhood, and as it is not far to that side, we went for a hike acros Ossian Sarsfjellet, over tundra and rocky washout plains, stopping where we saw some reindeer, and then up a morain ridge, behind which we reached a great panorama platform in shape of a glacier-polished marble surface.

Photo Ossian Sarsfjellet – 22nd Juli 2015 – 1/2


Countless small folds and faults, with very clear glacial striation, this alone would be a remarkable site and certainly under protection anywhere near civilization. But then there was the view over the glacier-framed bay Rødvika with ice cliffs forming large parts of the shore and wide ice fields in back country.

Photo Ossian Sarsfjellet – 22nd Juli 2015 – 2/2


After a little, sunny cruise along icebergs and glaciers in innermost Kongsfjord, we decided to have a look at the outer coast as we want to get further north at some stage. But as it turned out, there was a strong breeze blowing at open sea, turning many waves white, so we decided to change course and spend a day in Krossfjord, which should be sheltered.

Photo Kongsfjord – 22nd Juli 2015

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