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Kongsfjord III – 23rd July 2015

All good things are threefold (I am sure that doesn’t translate, but that is what the German original says), so we spent a third day in Kongsfjord. Well, it wasn’t quite like that. In Krossfjord, it was so windy that we quickly decided to return to Kongsfjord, where it is currently calmer. So we went to Ny London on Blomstrandhalvøya to have a look at the old marble mine with the huts, steam drill, quarry and loading crane. Nice to see how nature is taking her terrain back again slowly. Flowers are growing through holes in the old steal machinery, like the the Drooping saxifrage.

Photo – Kongsfjord III – 23rd July 2015 – 1/3


Later we also went for the hike to the top of Blomstrand. Fine views of the famous Kongsfjord panorama, and a very active glacier cave in Blomstrandbreen. Constantly falling ice and thunder provided excellent entertainment while we had a rest on the peak.

Photo – Kongsfjord III – 23rd July 2015 – 2/3


Complete silence now on the boat, it is calm outside, icebergs drifting everywhere. Tomorrow, the wind should also calm down at sea, so we can continue northwards.

Photo – Kongsfjord III – 23rd July 2015 – 3/3

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