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Fjord of wind – fjord of colours – 04rd September 2015

Fønfjord has got its name for a reason, and it lived up to its reputation. Of course the katabatic wind blows down and away from the inland ice, straight on the nose for us, that is. It is safe to bet the house on it. Pretty strong today, the wind.

But who says you can’t go ashore in Fønfjord?

Photo Fjord of wind – fjord of colours – 04rd September 2015


There is a nice little bay on the shore of Milne Land, where Ópal celebrated her lovely water ceremony. Meaning that we filled up our water supplies there. The captain put the bow straight on to the beach, and down into a little clear stream with the pump. Small ship pleasures!

Photo Røde Ø – 04rd September 2015 – 1/2


Rødefjord also has got its name for a reason. Deeply red sandstone. Near Red Island, nature has created an amazing wall of basalt columns like a pile of firewood. Vertical rock faces, just like Marlboro Country.

Photo Røde Ø – 04rd September 2015 – 2/2


But the icebergs are of course the best part. The famous iceberg graveyard north of Røde Ø, iceberg alley, iceberg city, whatever you want to call it. An incredible gathering of huge icebergs, mighty giants, grounded and surrounded with water calm like a mirror, scary dimensions and amazing numbers. Deep green colours indicate massive volumes of ice under water. After the zodiac tour, captain Hörður asked me if I liked it. What a question. If you don’t like that, then Greenland is not a place to go for you. The sheer beauty would make everyone speachless, I guess.

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