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Looking back at 2015 – October

October began with this year’s last days in Spitsbergen spent on SV Antigua. This is of course nothing dramatic, quite the opposite, it feels good when a good time is coming to an end and you can realize that is has actually really been a good time, without any accidents or other major unpleasant events. Instead, we got our final polar bear sightings and the beautiful light of the arctic fall in a landscape that is more and more getting into winter mode.

Jan Mayen memories came back as I showed the pictures during a presentation at Svalbardmuseum in Longyearbyen, while northern lights were dancing on the night sky.

It was not just in nature that were lights were turned off, but also in the Norwegian mines in Spitsbergen. Not completely and finally, but it does look dark and the working force has been reduced drastically in 2015. Longyearbyen is shrinking, something the place is not used to at all. And Sveagruva is shrinking even more. There, they are getting ready for years of being a sleeping beauty. But nobody knows if this sleep will ever really end to give way to renewed activity.

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My Spitsbergen calendar 2016 saw the light of day at this time, the fourth of its kind in a row.

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