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Extreme weather in Longyearbyen (II): evacuation held upright

Extreme weather with strong winds and a lot of precipitation has held Longyearbyen in awe during the night from Monday to Tuesday. There was a fear for landslides from steep and largely water-saturated slopes near areas with living houses and infrastructures. Several roads were closed and a number of houses were evacuated Monday afternoon.

There have been several minor landslides, but no damage except from comparatively minor damage to a dog yard near Longyearbyen. The dogs in kennels at risk had been moved to other kennels before, all animals are well and safe.

On the coast between the camping site and Bjørndalen, coastal erosion is increasing due to high water and surf on unfrozen ground. Several cabins and parts of the roads are at risk and likely to get lost on the long term.

The administration, however, has decided to keep evacuations upright until further notice. Slope processes take their time, and there is still a risk of landslides. People are asked to stay away from steep terrain.

Closed and evacuated parts of Longyearbyen due to extreme weather

The marked parts of Longyearbyen are currently (November 7) closed due to the extreme weather. Map © Sysselmannen på Svalbard.

Source: Sysselmannen

last modification: 2016-11-08 · copyright: Rolf Stange