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Ski marathon cancelled

The ski marathon, one of Longyearbyen’s major annual events in the calendar of sports and culture and in 2021 scheduled for 17 April, has now been cancelled because of corona for the second time in a row. The ski marathon is organised by Svalbard Turn, a local sports club in Longyearbyen. For the club, the cancellation involves a lot of effort and a major financial loss. Longyearbyen loses a major event that used to bring several hundred international participants in recent years, making the marathon an important event also for the local tourism industry including hotels, restaurants and tour operators.

Longyearbyen skim arathon: cancelled because of Corona

The ski marathon in Longyearbyen has now been cancelled because of corona – for the second time.

Svalbard Turn now puts their hopes on the conventional marathon on 05 June. The participants of the ski marathon can re-book for 23 April 2022. This includes a large number of people who wanted to to the marathon already in 2020.

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