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Monthly Archives: August 2022 − News & Stories

Nord­aus­t­land – 12th August 2022

After a bit of a grey day yes­ter­day – we could watch a polar bear on a small island dis­ap­pearing in the fog – it cle­ared up today. The wea­ther was on our side again, and it was to remain so for seve­ral days. We were (and still are) cle­ar­ly in the right area on the right time. Good stuff!

That is also the simp­le reason why the­re was just no time for blog wri­ting. I need to catch up a bit now.

We spent that Fri­day (12th August) on the north side of Nord­aus­t­land, in Nor­dens­ki­öld­buk­ta and in Rijpfjord. Stun­nin­gly beau­tiful sce­n­ery, bar­ren, of a high arc­tic, strong cha­rac­ter, not seen by many peo­p­les’ eyes. The­re are inde­ed places whe­re you can think that you might inde­ed be the first per­son the­re. Of cour­se that is impos­si­ble to tell for sure, and quite likely at least some geo­lo­gists have been the­re, they have been all over the place. But still, just the fact that the thought as such isn’t com­ple­te­ly non­sen­se is ama­zing, in the year 2022.

I lea­ve it up to the pic­tures to tell the rest of the sto­ry of this day.

Gal­lery – Nord­aus­t­land – 12th August 2022

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

Fur­thest north – 11th August 2022

A wea­ther fore­cast that was quite bad espe­ci­al­ly for the nor­thwes­tern part of Spits­ber­gen made us move away from that area quick­ly, and a long night of sai­ling (motoring, actual­ly) took us to Sjuøya­ne, the nor­t­hern­most islands of Sval­bard. We pas­sed by Wal­denøya in wind and fog, but rea­ched Phippsøya not much later and could make a landing the­re.


Nor­thwest Spits­ber­gen – 10th August 2022

Nord­ves­th­jør­nest av Spits­ber­gen er et vel­dig vak­kert og variert områ­de, med man­ge spen­nen­de steder som man kan besøke. Været var litt grått men ellers fullt på vår side, og der­med ble det en vel­dig opp­le­vel­ses­rik dag. Vi begyn­te med en flott fot­tur på Dan­s­køya og så besøk­te vi noen hval­ros­ser på Ams­ter­damøya, ved siden av gam­le spek­kov­ner fra hval­fangst­tiden i Smee­ren­burg. Så til­ba­ke til Dan­s­køya. Det var en del stein­kob­be der på fjæ­re­st­ei­ne­ne, og ikke langt der­fra lig­ger fort­satt kul­tur­min­ner fra Andrée og Well­man sine nord­pol­fer­der i Vir­go­ham­na. På turen vide­re nord­o­ver gjor­de vi en avs­tik­ker inn i den utro­lig vak­re Fuglefjor­den. For en flott dag!

Gal­lery – Nor­thwest Spits­ber­gen – 10th August 2022

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

Engelskbuk­ta, Ny-Åle­sund – 09th August 2022

Engelskbuk­ta gave us beau­tiful scenic views despi­te the low clouds.

Later, we rea­ched Ny-Åle­sund.

A lot could be writ­ten about the many beau­tiful impres­si­ons of this day, but it is late now …

Gal­lery – Engelskbuk­ta, Ny-Åle­sund – 09th August 2022

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

Polar bear inci­dent in Ekm­anfjord

Today (Wed­nes­day, 08th August), a per­son was inju­red and a polar bear kil­led during an acci­dent at Sve­a­ne­set in Ekm­anfjord.

Not much is known so far in public, but a polar bear came into a camp with 25 French tou­rists. A woman recei­ved inju­ries to her arm, but her con­di­ti­ons appears not to be life threa­tening.

The polar bear was shot at during the event and it is now repor­ted dead.

Fur­ther details are not available at the moment.

Isfjord – 07th August 2022

We are off again, now with Arc­ti­ca II. Good stuff! Actual­ly, it doesn’t take much the­se days to make a start a good one: the trip actual­ly hap­pens, it starts as sche­du­led and with ever­y­bo­dy who is sup­po­sed to be here. That is enough to make us hap­py for now.

After a cou­ple of hours we had rea­ched Trygg­ham­na and took the oppor­tu­ni­ty for a first walk. To our ama­ze­ment, we find our­sel­ves wal­king in the fos­sil remains of a tro­pi­cal sea. Corals and other fos­sils ever­y­whe­re! But it is more than 300 mil­li­on years ago that they were ali­ve …

Gal­lery – Isfjord – 07th August 2022

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

Spits­ber­gen with SV Anti­gua: Pho­tos & short online dia­ry

Last week we finis­hed the latest arc­tic voya­ge with SV Anti­gua in Spits­ber­gen. Now the­re are seve­ral pages with pho­to gal­le­ries and short nar­ra­ti­ons available to illus­tra­te this beau­tiful jour­ney. It is a pri­vi­le­ge to expe­ri­ence this and it is a plea­su­re to share it here with ever­y­bo­dy who might be curious – it was an ama­zing trip and it is cer­tain­ly worth having a look at the pic­tures. Click here to start.

Antigua, Magdalenefjord

Anti­gua in Mag­da­le­nefjord, on a beau­tiful mid July evening.


P.S. if you pre­fer to expe­ri­ence Spits­ber­gen yours­elf (whon wouldn’t?), then you can join us in Sep­tem­ber becau­se a cabin on Anti­gua is available again after a can­cel­la­ti­on. Click here for more infor­ma­ti­on or get in touch, ide­al­ly direct­ly with Geo­gra­phi­sche Rei­se­ge­sell­schaft (Ger­man spea­king depar­tu­re, so you should at least be able to under­stand some Ger­man).

Sveagru­va: air con­nec­tion is histo­ry

In 2017, it was deci­ded that the for­mer coal mining sett­le­ment of Sveagru­va would be aban­do­ned and actual­ly most­ly phy­si­cal­ly clea­ned up and remo­ved. A mile­stone was rea­ched recent­ly, on 01st August, when the final flight took off from Lon­gye­ar­by­en to Sveagru­va and back. This 20 minu­te air con­nec­tion has been the life­line for Sveagru­va for deca­des, more than 40,000 flights are said to have been ope­ra­ted.

Aircraft, Sveagruva

Air­plai­ne on the run­way of Sveagru­va.

Now, the litt­le air­port of Sveagru­va will be remo­ved. About 70 peo­p­le will work on this and other parts of the cle­a­nup pro­ject for the next cou­ple of months. During this time, they will live not live in the for­mer sett­le­ment any­mo­re, but on sup­p­ly ships.

Next year, a small work force of 8 is sche­du­led to do the last bits and pie­ces of the cle­a­nup, accor­ding to Sval­bard­pos­ten.

The for­mer coal mining sett­le­ment of Sveagru­va, inclu­ding the mines of Lun­ckef­jel­let and Sveagru­va, is well docu­men­ted on this web­site (click here).


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