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Again polar bear in Longyearbyen area, flown out

Again, a polar bear showed up in the Longyearbyen area. The bear was seen yesterday (Thursday, 30 January) at Hotellneset, close to the airport.

Anaesthetised polar bear

An anaesthetised polar bear during preparations for the flight to Kinnvika (archive image, 2016).

The Sysselmannen pushed the bear with the helicopter across Adventfjord to Hiorthhamn. Later, the bear was anaesthetised and flown out to Kinnvika on Nordaustland, about 200 km as the crow flies to the north. It is unlikely that this bear will return to Longyearbyen at any time soon, although this kind of distance and terrain are not an insurmountable obstacle for a polar bear. But chances that the bear has the orientation and motivation to set course for Longyearbyen now are low.

The last case when a bear was anaesthetised near Longyearbyen and flown out, also to Kinnvika, was in April 2016. This bear returned to Longyearbyen in late December 2019 and was shot in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2020.

Polar bear experts of the Norwegian Polar Institute were present during the whole operation, as the Sysselmannen informed on Facebook.

last modification: 2020-01-31 · copyright: Rolf Stange