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Looking back at 2015 – August

I was on the sailing yacht Arctica II when July left and August came. This summer was unusually ice-rich in Svalbard, so we expected to be unable to circumnavigate Spitsbergen, something that had not been the case for several years. But who would complain about too much ice in the arctic? Usually, we are moaning about the opposite these days.

Crossing Prins Karls Forland from west to east is not quite like crossing Greenland. It can easily be done as a day hike. But how often do you have the opportunity? The sea calm enough to go ashore on the exposed outer side? The weather good enough to make it really enjoyable? Everything worked out well and we all thoroughly enjoyed the stunning views over Prins Karls Forland and the adjacent seas and mountains.

Something that crosses my mind when I think back of this trip is the days that we spent in the ice in the southeast. The combination of ice and current in Heleysund was indeed spectacular and something one would not necessarily want to do every day. Having done that, we considered the circumnavigation a fact and I was happy to get to Barentsøya and Edgeøya. A summer without getting to these islands in southeastern Svalbard would not be quite complete.

Not quite complete as of yet was our circumnavigation, as it turned out. The ice in southern Storfjord actually almost made us doubt it would happen at all, but after spending some time looking for a passage, the strong Hurtigruten ship Fram suddenly came, pushed into the ice, thus creating a channel that we could use comfortably.

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While were were circumnavigating Spitsbergen not without some effort, some brave adventurers went around Nordaustland – in sea kayaks! Actually, two teams did this almost simultaneously. For one of them, it was just a part of a pretty extreme trip from and to Longyearbyen. This was one of the last big „firsts“ to be had in Svalbard. Congratulations!

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